Pet Friendly San Diego Hotels


Filled with unique and exotic world-class family attractions, San Diego is a land that appeals to travelers who want to spend their leisure time enjoying recreational activities. For a perfect and comfortable stay, San Diego offers a wide range of lodging options.

There are several pet friendly hotels in San Diego. By making reservations with these pet friendly San Diego hotels, travelers can enjoy the companionship of pets during their visit. With an array of outstanding services, pet friendly hotels in San Diego allows dogs, cats, parrots, or other pets to stay with you in your room. They provide a wide range of pet services including toys, trips, bedding, dog-sitting, and dog-walking.
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Pet friendly San Diego hotels have certain restrictions regarding pet stay. Strange and exotic pets such as monkeys, hedgehogs, reptiles and other wildlife that can be dangerous to humans are not allowed in pet friendly San Diego hotels. For hygiene reasons, pets are not allowed in the breakfast area. They are also not allowed in public places such as the lobby, restaurants, bars, and conference halls.

Most hotels permit up to a maximum of two cats or dogs per room. Pets up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds are available in most of the pet friendly San Diego hotels.

Most pet friendly hotels in San Diego charge extra to serve your pet, whereas others do not charge. The amount of fees varies from one hotel to another. Discounts up to 50% can be found at most of the pet friendly San Diego hotels.

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Where are the Nicest People in America?


Having traveled to every city in the United States and met all sorts of people I have found the rural Northwest to have the nicest folks of all; that was until I had the opportunity to spend some time in South Texas to warm up during the last winter.
I would like to discuss the attitude of the people of South Texas. I would say that that friendly attitude is a model of what all America should be.

In many of the big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, etc. people self segregate, are reliably unfriendly to strangers; sure they are great with their friends, but just get on a freeway in Baltimore, Boston, Seattle or San Francisco and see how long it takes you to find out you are number one?
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In South Texas no one flips you off while driving, maybe because Texas has the reputation that everyone carries a gun? But that is not it; it is the people and their humble and positive attitude. They drive polite; much different than in the largest American cities where they are not polite when driving, do not start conversations with strangers and are not promoting goodwill towards their fellow man.

In South TX and I am discussing parts from Just South of Austin to Brownsville including Laredo and the like, people are just down right nice.
WOW. That is good. That promotes tourism, that attracts business and that brings us back together and then we can stand united. Why is this attitude not contagious? It is when you are in Texas; why not other large cities. San Antonio the people are nice, yet in other large cities including the other cities in TX, it just is not like that.
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I think the hospitality in South TX and many parts of rural Texas it is to be expected and you should go there and see for yourself. It is a pleasure to do business in many of these South TX markets. We thank you for the Big Texas welcome and we are finding it a pleasure to get to know Y'all. Thank you South Texas.


Strange Things Happened In The Outer Solar System


Decked out in colorful clown-like bands and pockmarked by whirling crimson storms, our Solar System's largest planet, Jupiter, is truly the planetary monarch of our Sun's fabulous family. This magnificent banded-behemoth, like other monarchs, has a devoted retinue of followers accompaning its every move as it wends its way around our Sun. The Jovian Trojan Asteroids are a large group of rocky followers that share their planet's orbit, and compose two distinct stable groups – one group that travels ahead of the planet in its orbit, while the other trails it from behind.
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In September 2018, planetary scientists at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in San Antonio, Texas, announced their new findings revealing the true nature of an unusual and delightful duo of Jupiter Trojans. Their new study points to an ancient planetary shake-up and consequent rearrangement of our Solar System when it was still quite young and forming.

The Trojan Asteroids are named for heroes appearing in the classic Greek epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey , both attributed to Homer.
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The duo of Trojan Asteroids studied by SwRI scientists carry the fabled names of Petroclus and Menoetius . The duo are also targets of NASA'a upcoming Lucy mission that aims to explore the rocky followers of our Solar System's largest planet.

Petroclus and Menoetius are both approximately 70 miles wide and orbit each other as they circle around their planet together, both bound slavishly to their wandering world.
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They are the only large binary known to exist among the two heavy populations of Trojan Asteroids.

"The Trojans were visually captured during a dramatic period of dynamic instability when a skirmish between the Solar System's giant planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – occurred," noted Dr. David Nesvorny in a September 10, 2018 SwRI Press Release. Dr. Nesvorny, who is of the SwRI , is lead author of the paper describing this new study under the title: Evidence for Very Early Migration of the Solar System Planets from the Patroclus-Menoetius Binary Jupiter Trojan, published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

This ancient planetary rearrangement of our Solar System pushed the duo of ice-giants Uranus and Neptune outward, where they met up with a large primeval population of small bodies believed to be the ancestors of today's Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) , that dance around our Star in our Solar System's outer limits.

The Kuiper Belt is the distant, frigid home of a frozen multitude of comet nuclei, dwarf planets, and tiny icy tidbits. In this distant region of perpetual twilight the Sun casts its weak fires from so far away that it hangs suspended in the sky as if it were just an especially large star sailing through a dark celestial sea with myriad other stars.

The dwarf planet Pluto is one of the largest known KBOs.

"Many small bodies of this primordial Kuiper Belt were scattered inwards, and a few of those became trapped as Trojan Asteroids, " Dr. Nesvorny added. Jupiter and the beautiful "Lord of the Rings", Saturn, are gas-giants. In contrast, their outer solar system neighbors, Uranus and Neptune, are ice-giants. The pair of gas-giants are much larger than our Solar System's duo of ice-giants , and they also sport much thicker gaseous envelopes.

The smaller ice-giants are thought to have larger solid cores anchhrouded by thinner gaseous atmospheres than those that cloak both Jupiter and Saturn. Also, the gas-giant pair may not even contain solid cores at all, but may be composed of gases and liquids.

The Jupiter Trojans are dark, and show featureless, reddish spectra. There is no strong evidence of the presence of water, or any other specific compound, on their surfaces based on their spectra. However, many planetary scientists suggest that they are encoded in tholins , which are organic polymers formed by our Sun's radiation.

The Jupiter Trojans display densities (based on studies of binaries or rotational light curves) that vary, and they are thought to have been gravitationally snared into their current orbits during the early stages of our Solar System's evolution – or, perhaps, slightly later, during the period of the migration of the giant planets.

All stars, our own Sun included, are born surrounded by a whirling, swirling disk of gas and dust, which is termed a protoplanetary accretion disk . These rings encircle baby stars, and they contain the important ingredients from which an entourage of planets, as well as smaller objects, absolutely emerge.

Our Solar System, as well as other systems surrounding stars beyond our Sun, evolve when an extremely weak and reliably small blob – tucked inside the undulating folds of a dark, frigid, giant molecular cloud –collapses gravitationally under its own relentless and merciless gravitational pull. Such awesome, beautiful, and billing clouds inhabit our Milky Way Galaxy in large numbers, as if they were lovely floating phantoms swimming through the space between stars. These dark clouds serve as the strange birthplace of infant stars.

Most of the collapsing blob collects at the center, and extremely ignites as a result of nuclear-fusion reactions – and a star is born. What remains of the gas and dust of the erstwhile blob becomes the protoplanetary accretion disk from a solar system forms. In the earliest phases, such accretion disks are both extremely massive and very hot, and they can linger around their youthful star (protostar) for as long as ten million years.

By the time a star like our Sun has reached the T Tauri stage of its toddler years, the extremely hot, massive surrounding disk has grown both thinner and cooler. A T Tauri star can be compared to a human tot. These stellar toddlers are variable stars, and are extremely active at the tender age of a mere 10 million years. T Tauris are born with large diameters that are several times greater than the diameter of our Sun today. However, T Tauris are in the act of shrinking. Unlike human tots, T Tauris shrink as they grow up. By the time a stellar toddler has reached this stage of its development, less volatile materials have started to condense close to the center of the swirling encircling disk, thus forming extremely smoky and smoke-like motes of dust. These "sticky" particles of dust contain crystalline silicates.

The little grains of dust ever collide in the crowded disk environment, and glue themselves to one another, so creating ever larger and larger objects – from pebble-size, to mountain-size, to asteroid-and-comet-size, to moon -size, to planet-size. These growing objects become a stellar system of primordial population of planetesimals , which are the building blocks of planets. What is left of a heavy population of planetesimals , following the era of planet-formation, can linger around their parent-stars for bills of years after a mature system – such as our own Solar System – has formed. In our own Solar System, comets and asteroids are remnants of the primordial planetesimals.

The term "trojan" has come to be used more generally to refer to other small Solar System bodies that display similar relationships with larger bodies. For example, there are Martian trojans and Neptune trojans . In addition, the gas-giant planet Saturn has an entourage of trojan moons. Indeed, NASA has recently informed the discovery of an Earth trojan! The term Trojan Asteroid itself is commonly understood to specifically refer to the Jupiter Trojans because the first Trojans were discovered close to Jupiter's orbit – and Jupiter also currently has by far the most known Trojans.

History Of The Hunt

In 1772, the Italian-French mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange (1736-1813) predicted that small body sharing an orbit with a planet by residing 60 degrees ahead or behind it will be gravitationally snared if it is close to certain points (Lagrange Points ). Lagrange, who based his prediction on a three-body problem, demonstrated that the gravitationally trapped body will slowly vibrate around the point of equilibrium in what he described as a horseshoe or tadpole orbit. These leading and trailing Lagrange Points are called the L4 and L5 Lagrange Points. The first asteroids to be captured in Lagrange Points were discovered more than a century after Lagrange had announced his hypothesis. Those associated with Jupiter were the first to be observed.

Relative to their aggressive host planet, each Jovian Trojan liberates around one of Jupiter's two stable Lagrange Points: L4 that is located 60 degrees ahead of Jupiter in its orbit, and L5 which is located 60 degrees behind.

The American astronomer EE Barnard (1857-1923) associated the first recorded observation of a trojan , (12126) 1999 RM11 (identified as A904 RD at the time of its discovery), in 1904. However, neither Barnard nor other astronomers understood its significance at the time. Indeed, Barnard mistakenly believed that he had detected the then-recently discarded Saturnian mini-moon Phoebe , which was a mere two arc-minutes away in the sky at this time. Barnard alternatively entertained the possibility that this tiny object was an asteroid. The strange object's puzzling identity was finally understood when its true orbit was calculated in 1999.

The first reliable detection of a trojan occurred in February 1906, when the German astronomer Max Wolf (1863-1932) of Heidelberg-Konigstuhl State Observatory discovered an asteroid lingering at the L4 Lagrangian point of the Sun-Jupiter system. The object was initially named after the defensive Trojan War hero 588 Achilles. During the period 1906-1907 another duo of Jupiter Trojans were discovered by another German astronomer August Kopff (1882-1960). The newly discovered pair were named after the Trojan War heroes 624 Hektor and 617 Patroclus. Hektor , like Achilles , belonged to the L4 population – traveling "ahead" of Jupiter in its orbit. In contrast, Patroclus became the first trojan known to dwell at the L5 Lagrangian Point located "behind" its band behemoth host planet.

The number of known Jupiter Trojans had lived to only 14 by 1961. However, as the technology used by astronomers continued to improve, the rate of discovery began to skyrocket. By January 2000, a total of 257 Jupiter Trojans had been discovered, and by May 2003, the number had ballooned to 1,600! As of February 2014, 3,898 known trojans had been discovered near the L4 point, while 2,049 trojans had been detected at the L5 point.

Estimates of the total number of Jupiter Trojans are based on deep surveys of limited regions of the sky. The L4 swarm is believed to consist of between 160-240,000 members, with diameters that are greater than 2 kilometers and approximately 600,000 with diameters greater than 1 kilometer. If the L5 swarm consists of a comparable number of objects, there are over 1 million Jupiter Trojans of 1 kilometer in size or larger. All of the objects that are brighter than absolute magnitude 9.0 are probably known. These numbers are remarkably similar to kindred asteroids dwelling in the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. The total mass of the Jupiter Trojans is calculated to be approximately 0.0001 the mass of our own planet. This is equivalent to one-fifth the mass of the denizens of the Main Asteroid Belt.

More recently, two studies now suggest that the members of both swarms mentioned above may be veryly overestimated. Indeed, the two new studies suggest that the true number of Jupiter Trojans may really be seven times less. The overestimate could have the result of the assumpton that all Jupiter Trojans have a low albedo of only about 0.04, in contrast to small bodies that may have an average albedo as high 0.12; a mistaken assumption concerning the distribution of Jupiter Trojans in the sky. According to these more recent estimates, the total number of Jupiter Trojans with a diameter greater than 2 kilometers is 6,300 plue or minus 1,000 and 3,400 plus or minus 500 in the L4 and L5 swarms, respectively. These numbers could have been reduced by a factor of 2 if small Jupiter Trojans are more reflective than larger members of their kind.

The largest Jupiter Trojan is 624 Hektor , which has an average diameter of 203 plus or minus 3.6 kilometers. There are few large Jupiter Trojans when compared to the general population. The smaller the size, the greater the number of Jupiter Trojans – there are many more smaller swarm members than larger ones, and the number of smaller trojans increases rapidly down to 84 kilometers. The increase in number of smaller trojans is much more extreme than in the Main Asteroid Belt.

Some Strange Things Happened Long Ago

A key issue with the new Solar System evolution model is determining exactly when the ancient shake-up occurred. In this new study, the SwRI team of planetary scientists demonstrate that the very existence of the Patroclus-Menoetius duo strongly suggests that the dynamic instability among the quartet of gaseous giant planets must have occurred within the first 100 million years of our then-young Solar System's evolution

Some recent models showing small body formation indicate that these types of binaries are relics of that primeval era when pairs of small bodies could still form directly from the enclosure cloud of "pebbles" during our Solar System's youth.

"Observations of today's Kuiper Belt show that binaries like these were quite common in ancient times. William Bottke explained in the September 10, 2018 SwRI Press Release. Dr. Bottke is director of SwRI's Space Studies Department.

If that primeval instability had been delayed by many hundreds of millions of years, as proposed in some Solar System formation models, collisions within the ancient small-body disk would have shaken up these reliably exclude and fragile binaries, then leaving none to be snared in the Jupiter Trojan population. Earlier dynamic infrastructures would have allowed more binaries to remain intact, thus increasing the probability that at least one would have been captured in the Trojan population. The team developed some new models that demonstrate that the existence of the Patroclus-Menoetius binary strongly suggests that there had been an earlier instability.

This early dynamic stability model has important consequences for the inner rocky terrestrial planets , especially in regard to the ancient exploration of large impact craters on Earth's Moon, Mercury, and Mars that were apparently formed by the crashing impacts of smaller objects about 4 billion years ago . Our Solar System is approximately 4.56 billion years old. The impactors that excavated these large craters are less likely to have been hurled out from the outer domain of our Solar System. This suggests that they were formed by small-body relics left over from the ancient era of terrestrial planet formation.

This new study strengthens the importance of the population of Jupiter Trojan asteroids in shedding new light on the primeval history of our Solar System. Much more will likely be discovered about the Patroclus-Menoetius binary when NASA's Lucy Mission , headed by SwRI planetary scientist and study coauthor Dr. Hal Levison, surveys the duo in 2033. This will culminate a 12-year mission conducted to tour both Jupiter Trojan asteroid swarms.

NASA's Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) and the Emerging Worlds programs, as well as the Czech Science Foundation, funded this new study. Lucy is a Discovery class mission that will address important key science questions about our Solar System. It is scheduled to launch in May 2021.


An Unusually Fine Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska


Travelers to the northern reaches of the United States have no shortage of hotels in Anchorage to choose from; but for the discriminating traveler the choice of luxury hotels is clear. There are several first class rated hotels in Anchorage, but there is only one that is truly unique in service and style, truly first-class, and has hotel accommodations truly worth the visit. The hotel is a member of the distinguished Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.
The Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage AK would have considered a world-class hotel anywhere in the world. Of course, to be world-class, you have to be more than upscale and luxurious. To be a member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide requires an exceptional service that does not come from a manual, and an exceptional staff whose only objective is to please. The Hotel Captain Cook fulfills these goals with flair and an obsessive attention to detail.
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The Hotel Captain Cook is independently owned and operated. Anchorage Alaska is literal the only place in the world you’ll find this hotel. And excellent hotel accommodations are just the beginning. At the Hotel Captain Cook, in addition to excellent luxury hotel accommodations there are guest services such as a full-featured Business Center, an on site Concierge, and many more. And many of the 96 suites and over 400 hotel rooms have views of the spectacular Cook Inlet or the Chugach Mountains.
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But the best hotel in Anchorage has that magical, indefinable quality that attracts people back time and again. Other hotels provide a hotel room – the Hotel Captain Cook provides cache. Other hotels manufacture the same experience wherever you are in Anchorage Alaska or New York – the staff of the Hotel Captain Cook share with you their passion for creating unforgivable memories of the rich and beautiful land of the North.
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Source by Dave Mercer

Boston Luxury Hotels


High living and high thinking-Is that how you define your tastes? Then nothing but the best accommodations for you whether it be a business trip of a family vacation to Boston. You will find that the town has a number of luxury hotels with unparalleled style, immense comfort and elegant service.
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Some of the luxury hotels in Boston are named as the most exclusive hotels in the world. They offer world-class amenities, lovely overviews, grand restaurants and pay extra attention to the individual needs of every guest. First class service is the forte of a luxury hotel, so go ahead and indulge your senses.

To be counted among the “The Top 50 Hotel restaurants” is not an easy feat, but Spire, the “hottest” dining spot in the Nine Zero Hotel can boast that they are in the Top 50. The hotel has claimed many titles such as “Best Boutique Hotel”, “Top 101 Hotels in the World”, and “Best By Design Hotel in North America”.
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The 75 years old Ritz Carlton is also a treat for most vacationers. It is located on the fashionable Newbury Street and is at a walking distance from Copley Place, the theatre district and other Boston landmarks. Among other luxury hotels is the Boston Harbor Hotel, another award-winning hotel. It is also one of Boston’s favorite hotels. The most conspicuous feature of this hotel is the lovely views that the hotel rooms offer.
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You may feast your eyes either on the harbor or the ethereal city skyline. Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, Charles Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel and The Colonnade are the other luxury hotels in Boston that offer the discriminating vacationer everything in the way of style and comfort.


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Best Hotels in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the World. It's ranked in the top three business, conventions, and meetings in the United States. It is also well known for its nightlife, casinos, shopping, and fine dining. Las Vegas bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World.
The city's tolerance for different forms of adult entertainment has brought to them the nickname of Sin City.

When visiting Sin City many people that could afford it would like to stay and the experience the best hotels that Vegas has to offer. After doing some research from guest ratings as well as star ratings I have come up with a list of the top 10 hotels in Las Vegas.

  1. Mandarin Oriental – This hotel is known for its beautiful designs, rooms, and their modern style approach. It also features 225 condominiums, 392-room hotel tower that has a private owners clobroom and lobby. Their majority of their reviews points out their well-equipped gym, the view of the Vegas strip, and their fantastic bar.
  2. Four Seasons – This hotel is inspired by its Art deco area, 424 stylish rooms, and 81 luxurious suites.
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    They offer breathtaking views of the Las Vegas strip through floor to ceiling windows. The majority of their reviews like their big balconies, view of the strip, and well equipped gym.
  3. Skylofts at MGM Grand – This is an ultra-luxury boutique hotel that has 51 spacious suites that overlooks the Las Vegas stamp.
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    The designs feature contemporary furnishings with soothing neutral tones. They have updated technology throughout the rooms and it comes with a personal butler that is dedicated to each guest 24/7. The majority of the guest reviews like their spacious showers, free internet, and great value.
  4. Wynn – This is a luxury hotel that features 2,716 luxurious guest rooms, 111,000 square feet casino, 22 food and beverage outlets, an onsite 18-hole golf site, on site Ferrari and Maserati dealership, and 74,000 square feet of retail space. The majority of guest review like their golf course views, golf course, and big balconies.
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  5. Signature at MGM Grand – A luxury hotel that offers beautiful balcony view suites with the latest technology, full kitchen, and an oversize marble bathroom with a private whirlpool spa tube and a separate shower. The majority of the guest reviews rave about their big balconies, large shower, and well equipped gym.
  6. Bellagio – This is a luxury hotel that is famous for its elegance. It features an 8 acre lake that sits between the building and the Las Vegas strip.
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    It also has the Fountain of Bellagio, which is a large dancing water fountain that synchronizes to music. The main things that guest like about this place are the lake views, how romantic it is, and the superb dining.
  7. Palazzo Resort Hotel – Has the tallest building in Las Vegas and is situated between the Venetian Hotel and the Wynn. The designs reflect modern European ambiance and luxury living. This is an all-suite hotel that has the largest standard accommodations on the Vegas strip. The main things that guest enjoy about this place are its golf course, its romantic, and it's a good place for shopping.
  8. Vdara Hotel and Spa – Is a condo-hotel and spa that's located within the City Center Complex on the Vegas strip. It features a 57 story tower house, 1,495 suites, two story spa, fitness center, salon, a market, a bar, and a poll and deck area. The guest reviews rave about their modern style, boutique, and city views.
  9. Trump International – This is a sophisticated non-gaming luxury hotel that is situated high about the strip. It consist of a 64-story tower of golden glass, 1,232 of nicely furnished non-smoking guest suites, and 50 luxurious penthouse suites. The guest reviews shown a liking of the city views, well equipped gym, and large bathrooms.
  10. Venetian Resort Hotel – This hotel is 36 stories and rises 475 feet. It's part of the largest five diamond hotel and resort complex in the world containing 4,049 suites, 4,059 hotel rooms, and 120,00 square feet of casino space. The guest reviews really rave about the superb dinging, it's very romantic, and it's good for shopping.


Source by Michael T Bailey

Cycling in the City – The Pros and Cons


With changing global circumstances such as increasing fuel costs, traffic and high fees for parking, there has been a change in how people get around, whether to work or appointments or even to grocery stores. One of the means of transport that has gained support is cycling. In many major cities and surrounding areas the push for cycling lanes and laws to protect bikers has grown in popularity and more and more people have taken to the streets with two wheels instead of four. There are however both pros and cons which all cyclists and drivers should consider.

Pros: Cycling is one of the best means of transit. Not only is it better for the environment, healthier for the rider and less costly than driving. Most buses are outfitted with bike racks and other modes of transportation such as subways generally allow a few bikes per car for those people commuting from longer distances. Cyclists are also seeing cities changing to accommodate their needs. Bike lanes and streets which are bike friendly are beginning to be a part of the city. As much as biking instead of driving is good for the environment it is even better for your health as it is recommended to get 20-30 minutes of exercise per day. One of the biggest benefits of cycling is the lower costs associated with it. Commuting to work saves money as you are not stuck in traffic burning fuel and also not paying high rates for parking.

Cons: In West Coast cities and those with milder temperatures, cycling is a year-round activity enjoyed by many, especially the hardy who bike in the winter months. Biking in the city can be a dangerous activity. Inadequate laws can be problematic to cyclists. Currently, other than owning a bike little else is required by law to outfit cyclists. Most states and provinces do not require helmets, reflective clothing and the knowledge of signals. Cars and other vehicles also do not require knowledge of bike signals either which can be confusing and dangerous for cyclists. Many people who ride bikes are very courteous and respect the rules of the road, especially in a city setting which can be very dangerous at rush hour. There are occasionally cyclists who disrespect the rules by taking non-cycling routes which can be deadly as narrow roads, dark conditions and lack of safety equipment can lead to accidents.

Cycling is a great activity. It is healthy, environmentally friendly, cost efficient and a great way to travel. As long as cyclists follow the rules of the road and are properly outfit in safety equipment such as reflective gear, both clothing and on the bike, and a helmet, cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and make a difference in the world.


Boston Celtics – Defending the Crown


Even though the final game was in Los Angeles you could almost hear the voice of Johnny Most and see Red Auerbach light his victory cigar as the Boston Celtics completed the largest single season turnaround in NBA history with the most lopsided victory ever in an NBA finals game . The storied franchise finally re-took what had once considered their personal property: the Championship crown.

This year, the Celtics will be in a position that they have not been for over twenty years. The men in green will step out onto the court as the defending champions and all opponents will be gunning to take them down for eighty-two regular and sixteen post-season games. Each of them will be a show well worth watching and a difficult ticket to come by. The days of empty seats in Boston and on the road have come to an end for the Celtics and fans will have to get their tickets early if they want to see them live.

Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and of course Kevin Garnett will all be returning to the team that now has seventeen NBA titles and each will now be dealing with the critics who claim that they are too old to do it again. With their starting lineup rounded out by Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins they now have a battle tested group and most of their supporting cast is still in place. Posey is gone but Eddie House, Leon Powe, and Sam Cassell are still there. PJ Brown is one of the oldest players in the league but he proved last year that he can still come through when he's needed and Glen "Big Baby" Davis will be a force to be reckoned with.

Can they repeat? If you ask that question in Boston you'll get a unanimous "yes". Around the league, many have doubts. The Lakers will be better, Miami did well in the off season and Boston barely got through Cleveland in the playoffs. There are others who seem to be up and coming like Chicago and Atlanta and perennial powerhouses Detroit and San Antonio can never be counted out.

The upcoming season will certainly be exciting and the Boston Celtics will be in the mix for a title once again. Available tickets will be hard to come by so, if you're a fan, you really want to get yours today. has basketball tickets for the Celtics and all your other NBA favorites available right now. For the best seats, go to:


A Short Guide About Alicante Gay Life


Alicante, a lively city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, is a popular holiday destination for many gay travelers. Although much smaller than Madrid or Barcelona, Alicante offers numerous opportunities for enjoying an unforgettable summer vacation.

Most of the tourists are attracted by its fascinating beaches. With endless kilometers of golden sand and sunny summer weather, Alicante is the perfect place for getting in touch with the Mediterranean. The most popular beaches among gays and lesbians are definitely Alicante nudist beaches: Urbanova and Cabo de las Huertas. Urbanova beach is situated in the south part of Alicante coast, several kilometers away from the city center. It is quite close to the Alicante airport and you can often see airplanes flying above the beach. You can access it by car following the road N-332, direction Elche. Another option is to take a bus number 27 in front of the main Alicante train station RENFE, which communicates once per hour. Urbanova is a long sandy beach, offering a lot of space and an impressive view towards Alicante harbor. Another choice is the rocky Beach of Cabo de las Huertas. It is a place with the wildness of untouched nature and a lot of flat rocky plates. You can reach it either by bus number 22 or simply walking back from the San Juan beach along the rocky seashore, passing by the lighthouse.

Coming back from one of your favourite Alicante beaches, you can start socializing already in the afternoon or early in the evening. Just visit one of gay coffee bars. Or i Ferro (Gold and Iron) is an old bar with a friendly atmosphere, placed in Belando street close to Plaza Luceros. Another one is Pikadura, situated in Rafael Altamira street close to Rambla avenue and Explanada promenade. These two bars are the best places for getting more information about Alicante gay nightlife. Take a drink, have a snack and read newspaper and gay reviews.

After midnight, you can start partying in several pubs and night clubs. They offer diverse ambient, always full of people during hot summer nights. You can start with Canibal Pub – definitely the most popular gay bar among younger people. It is situated on the Plaza Nueva square (there is an interesting Aquarium on the square with large Mediterranean fish, so you can not miss it). Canibal pub regularly organizes special events, such as Halloween parties, featured music nights or New Year celebrations. You can take a drink, have a good time for half an hour and then go to the next bar – all of them are just a walking distance away from each other.

Crossing Rambla Avenue, we enter El Barrio – Old Town of Alicante. El Barrio is a large pedestrian zone with numerous clubs with good music for all tastes. You will meet thousands of young people having fun on the streets. If you like Europop music, visit Divina bar. You can find it in Montengon street, close to the Cathedral. It is quite small and always crowded. Turning around the corner, we come to Santa Faz, a beautiful historic town square behind the city hall. Here you can find El Forat bar. It is the oldest gay bar in Alicante and one of the veterans of El Barrio, attracting a large number of gay-friendly visitors. Passing the main square and entering Gravina street, you can finish your walk in Missing. This night club is placed close to MUBAG museum and Explanada promenade. Its darker mood and special night events mix a pub atmosphere with the aspect of a nightclub.

Once you close the circle, you can start another round, visiting the club you like most. Alicante Old Town is quite small, everything is easily reached by foot and there is a lot of fun both indoors and on the streets. Finally, once the bars in El Barrio are closed, you can continue partying in one of Alicante discos. The usual choice of gays and lesbians is Byblos discoteca, placed in San Francisco street parallel to the Explanada promenade. Enjoy dancing, drinking and having fun until the sunrise.


Madrid's San Isidro Festival


The Mayor's speech begins events and festivals and carnivals then take place all over the city. The majority of people taking part in the proceedings will be clothed in traditional dress; this means long dresses, silk shawls and roses for the women and flat caps and waistcoats for the men.

Traditional dances will take place in the Plaza Mayor, take a seat at one of the many tapas bars lining the square and watch the dancers with a jug of Sangria, by the third glass you may even be tempted to join in yourself!

A parade is held on the Plaza de las Vistillas where crowds worship their patron saint; open air concerts are then held in the evening. One of the most unusual spectacles of Madrid is the 'Parade de Gigantes y Cabezudos. Translated as 'Parade of the giants and big heads' this parade members of stilt walkers and people wearing bizarre big headed costumes. The parcel usually crosses the center streets between six and eight pm and ends at Plaza de las Vistillas where there is often a concert to take things into the evening.

An integral, though controversial, element of the San Isidro celebrations are the bullfights. This is the time to see the World's top bullfighters take on the ferocious animals. Book a weekend ticket for a chance to see the most satisfied matadors take to the arena and always book in advance.

This year, 2010, marks the hundredth anniversary of the city's most important street, Gran Via. To celebrate there will be 1,400 meters of red carpet covering the 'birthday street' adding an even grander panorama to the proceedings. This year the golden age of Hollywood will also be visiting Madrid with stars such as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly serenading guests of the Sabatini Gardens to swinging classics from the 1940s and beyond. A number of complementary festivals will also be taking place, bringing San Isidro to the 21st century. Other events will focus on urbanization, modern music and sustainable development.


Luxury Hotels in The USA


The decisions are plentiful when it comes to deciding which luxury hotel in Miami to stay in. With stunning views of the river or the ocean. Known for showing off the sun and sea, these stylish, soothing sanctuaries are a destination you will not want to miss. Some with vaulted ceilings, glass walls and shimmering pools all create a beautiful atmosphere fit for a king, or queen. Exceptional amenities and luxury service from hotel spas to in-room spa treatments, and a night-life to remember forever. Dancing, live entertainment and exceptional restaurants are everywhere and most are within walking distance from the hotel.

Miami hotels offer so much more than a place to rest your head. There are many features at these hotels. Sidewalk breakfast cafe's, pool side snack bars, elegant meeting rooms and the list just goes on and on. Step outside the doors of any of these hotels in any direction and you will find yourself exactly feet from sandy beaches, alluring dinning spots, designer shops and trend setting boutiques. During the night, the nightlife is totally electrifying. Theaters and live entertainment or just going to the bar for some drinking and socializing. You can do it all from any hotel here in Miami. One hotel that really stands out from the rest is the Gansevoort South. This Miami hotel is sure to tantalise all your tastebuds with all it has to offer.

San Francisco hotels are exceptional. Premier accommodations close to exciting attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39 and more. The famous Cable Cars are close by some hotels. Some of these hotels offer drinks and dining in a casual outdoor setting. With superb fire pits to keep everyone warm and cozy while enjoying the fresh air outside. Dine out in one of many restaurants to eat Sushi or Grilled Chicken Quesadillas. Seafood is a must have when staying here. Then relax with your favorite Martini or find a new drink to enjoy.

A couple of the best hotels based in San Francisco are the Post Ranch Inn & The Clift. Make sure you have a look at them as they are sure to suit all your needs.

With luxury hotels all over the country, it might be hard to decide which one you should stay at. It does not matter if you're traveling on a vacation for romance or business. With extraordinary cuisine, glittering night life, to bistros that have theaters in them and sushi bars. Luxury hotels have more to offer. In the fact that you pay more, you also get more for your money. From exotic food to Asian cuisine, with tropical rainforest settings. From two to two hundred, these luxury hotels have some of the best experiences in the world to offer you and your guests.


The Venetian Las Vegas Experience


The famous Las Vegas Strip is a 4 mile stretch in the south boulevard in Nevada well renovated for its international hotels and casinos that dot the landscape. This Strip is especially attractive at night and all the tourists try to experience the ambience at least once.

The Strip is host to the world's largest and most luxurious resorts and hotels prominent amongst which is the Venetian. As a measure of the select concentration fifteen of the world's 25 largest hotels are located on the Strip with over 70,000 rooms on offer! The striking skyline and the swanky hotels, casinos, restaurants together present an unbeatable package that rivals the world's top tourist attractions.

The Venetian is truly a class apart and showcases the best of Vegas. It is no small wonder then that most of the Fortune 500 companies host their events at the Venetian. The Venetian counts amongst it's guests and patrons the Princes of Saudi Arabia and the Royal Family of England in addition to world leaders and Hollywood stars.

The keyword in today's world of travel and tourism is Entertainment and the Venetian provides this coupled with Innovation which makes it an unforgettable experience that paves the way for cherished memories!

The Venetian is a luxury theme hotel that is built around the recreation of Italy's most romantic city of the same name. It has beautifully crafted Venetian landmarks like the Grand Canal and also has on offer a Gondola ride that is guaranteed to transport you to an exquisite and idyllic time!

The deluxe suites at the Venetian offer you a sunken living room in addition to walk-in closets, separate shower and tub, three telephones (including one in the bathroom), flat-screen TVs, and remote-controlled curtains. The Venezia Tower in fact comes with a private garden, private entrance, fountains, and spacious suites.

The atmosphere at the Venetian will give you a glimpse of the Renaissance era with a walkway over a lagoon, renaissance characters positioned in the public area, opera singers, mime and jest artists and even some hand kissing for good effect!

The Setting: As soon as one walks from the hotel lobby into the casino area one is hit by the Wow factor with the amazing rendering of the famous frescoes set in gold frames on the ceiling while the ground that you walk on bears a geometric illusion of climbing stairs on the sparkling marble floor!

The Gondola Experience: The front of the casino has a lake that you can navigate in a gondola which comes equipped with your private gondolier who will also sing opera numbers while taking you on an amazing boat ride!

Shopping: The shops and boutiques do not disappoint and neither do the range of restaurants and night clubs along with the celebrities at Madame Tussaud's.

Spa: For travelers who want to rejuvenate there is the Canyon Ranch Spa Club which offers lavish treatments and also a climbing wall.

One of the best features however is the Customer centric approach of the staff who go the extra mile toward exceeding client satisfaction.


5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Aquarium Design


In today’s economy, it is more important than ever to spend your money wisely, and to invest only in quality products and services guaranteed to withstand the test of time. An Aquatic Interiors Unlimited custom aquarium design is a guaranteed “one of a kind” aquatic habitat that will not only exceed your expectations, but improve your quality of life and bring your home joy for years to come.

All too often, busy homeowners become overwhelmed with the idea of designing a custom aquarium, thinking “If I have seen ’em once, I’ve seem ’em all.” But before you settle for a sloppy, generic rectangular fish tank, consider these top five reasons to take your home to the next level and choose a custom aquarium design:

1) Top performing, cutting edge technology and products- Aquatic Interiors Unlimited delivers only the best quality aquascapes, filtration, lighting, and cabinetry to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing aquarium display possible, and to provide a comfortable lifestyle for your beloved aquatic creatures. If you can dream it, our award-winning designers and architects can make your vision a reality.

2) Versatile set of services and products- You wouldn’t feed sugar to diabetic, and you wouldn’t let a redhead go tanning, so why take a one size fits all approach to your aquatic habitat? Just like people, different aquatic plants and animals have very different and specific needs. From freshwater to saltwater, big tanks to small tanks, Aquatic Interiors Unlimited has you covered.

3) Personalized design unique to your property- Just as no two people are exactly the same, no two homes are either. Room dimensions vary, color schemes can be tricky, and lifestyles certainly differ. Think outside the box! A custom design allows you to let your imagination roam and makes the aquarium a cornerstone of your interior design, rather than simply a piece of furniture taking up floor and wall space.

4) Superior customer service- From the moment you place your order to the finishing touches on your installation, Aquatic Interiors Unlimited will be there to help you through the entire custom aquarium design process. Even if you don’t choose our services, we encourage you to read through our literature to avoid any pitfalls when hiring an aquarium designer.

5) Convenience – Let’s face it. Life is hectic enough as it is. Who has time to stop everything and design a masterful work of aquatic art? Custom aquariums are our life’s work, so let Aquatic Interiors Unlimited spend the time obsessing over the details of your design while you pursue yours.


The Legendary Story of LeBron James


For the elite athlete, the brass ring of immortality and a professional sports championship-often swings just beyond his clutch. The more he abandons one, the more the public spotlights on what he has not refinished rather than what he has. LeBron James knows all about this pitiless incongruity. For eight baffling seasons, he was the NBA's ruler without a crown. At last, in years 9 and 10, James put the championship stamp on his profession and turned into an official part of the "basketball's greatest ever" deliberate. At that point, for a reprise, he dropped off the NBA's most prominent homecoming and delivered a title to his dearest Cleveland Cavaliers. This is his story …

Growing Up

LeBron James, in full LeBron Raymone James, is the superstar guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, professional athlete LeBron Raymone James is a four-time winner of the NBA's most valuable player award .

Life was often a struggle for James and his mother. When his mother, Gloria James was only 16, James's father, Anthony McClelland denied in being a parent. Gloria raised James on her own and gives him her last name. Gloria faced and battled with numerous problems during his childhood but still she strived to be a loving mother and shield James from the poverty and brutality of the boulevards. When James was two, she started dating Eddie Jackson. However, James framed a bond with Jackson and Gloria enjoyed having a man around who was willing to serve as a father figure. Her siblings, Terry and Curt, additionally lend a hand.

High School Basketball Star

From an early age, LeBron James encompasses tremendous intuitions for basketball. In 1999, James was employed to join basketball team by St. Louis. Vincent-St. Mary High School. As a green bean, James averaged 18 points per game and helped the team by scoring 25 points in the championship game. As his advanced basketball skills were getting noisy, James earned several honors for his elegant performance. He was the first sophomore chosen for the award for the USA Today All-USA First Team. James was also called as "PARADE magazine's High School Boys Basketball player of the Year and Gatorade player of the Year. .

Career with Cleveland Cavaliers

James was the first player chosen by the Cleveland cavaliers in the 2003 NBA Draft because of his impressive posture. Additionally, he also signed an unprecedented endorsement contract with the NIKE shoe company for $ 90 before he ever played a professional game. Despite the pressures, James made history when he drve the Cavaliers franchise through the span of the 2003-04 seasons to win the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He as well turned to be the youngest player- at just 20 years old- to receive this honor. Rathermore, James became one of only three rookies to fulfill this accomplishment with Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson. In 2004, James made his Olympic debut at the Summer Games as part of US Olympic basketball team in Athens, Greece.

Turning towards his personal life, James went through some changes around this time. In October 2004, he became a father of his first child, when he and his girlfriend Savannah Brinson welcomed a son, LeBron Jr.

NBA Star

James's performance and passion for success help to improve his performance over the following years. During his second season, he was known as the best player on the Eastern Conference All-Star team, and in his third season, he escorted the Cavaliers to their first play billet in nine years. These accomplishments were exceeded during the 2006-07 season; James helped his team conquer the Washington Wizards in the first round of the final tournament. Later on, the Cavaliers took on the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference semifinals. After his striking postseason play, many observers could not stop them to place him among the best players in the league. That same year, in June 2007, his girlfriend, savannah Brinson galve birth to their child, Bryce Maximus.

In 2007-08 season, James persists the Cavaliers to upgrade and improve their ranking in the Eastern Conference. The team made it to the semifinals as they got defeated by the Boston Celtics. As an individual performer, James made best to his level defeating his rivals and became the highest average scorer in the NBA regular season.

Career with Miami Heat

Early in the 2008-09 season, James's future and his next step in the sport became the hot topic for sports journalists and fans. He had the choice to be a free agent in2010, and everyone wants to know where he would like to end up. James made several references to his awaiting free agent status; however, he was certain to minimize the matter. When the reporter asked James about it, he replied as he wanted to focus on his team right now and win a championship rather than making a change at that point.

After becoming a free agent, James announced that he would join the Miami Heart for the 2010-2011 season. This decision creates aggression among his fans in Cleveland. Many of his fans considered his departure as a betrayal to his hometown. Soon after James's announcement, Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavaliers owner, wrote an open letter stating James's decision as his selfishness and betrayal to his hometown.

Championship Wins

To move to Miami made James a recluse in Cleveland, but it paid off when the Heat won back-to-back NBA championships in 2012 and 2013. His team got victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012 in five games, and 7 games over the San Antonio Spurs in 2013. James was the youngest player to score 20,000 points at age 28 and 38th player in NBA history to achieve this distinction.

"I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland but I understood what my future was about," James told FOX Sports following the game. "I knew we had a bright future [in Miami]."

By then, Success followed the James that this victory named him as the Most Valuable Player in both series and the NBA's biggest star.

Return to Cavaliers

At the culmination of the 2013-14 season, James opted out his contract with the heat and after a week of frenzied conjecture among fans and media- he declared that he will return to the Cavaliers. James has to miss 13 regular-season games in 2014-15 due to him back and knee problems. However, he was as dominant as ever- he led the Cavaliers to the NBA championship in 2016 becoming the first player. James brings Cleveland its first pro championship in any major sport since 1964.

Victory Statement of King James

Voted Finals MVP, James said , "I came back to bring a championship to our city. -when I came back-I knew I had the right ingredients and the right blueprint to help this franchise get back to a place that we've never been.


5 Star Hotels In Las Vegas


Getting a 5 Star Hotel in Las Vegas and experiencing the luxurious and celebrity treatment is a dream that many of us want to experience in reality. While on Vacation in Vegas it would be enhancing to receive star treatment and living the life of the high rollers. Even if it's for one night, just being able to have that experience is possible when choosing the right hotel in Las Vegas to make those dreams come true. Even the world class cuisines that guest can have does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit. Just being in that atmosphere and embracing the ambience is enough to shift you in a different state of mind. There are many wonderful modern style and elegant hotels here that are there to catering to the needs and demands of the guest to help make their trip a time they will never forget.

There are several different 5 star hotels in Las Vegas that vacationers would love such as the Venetian Hotel and Casino, which is an all-suite resort and casino that is a short drive from downtown, The Fashion Show Mall, and McCarran Airport. They offer customers an opulent casino, full service spa, and a rooftop pool complex. You also have a beautiful hotel that gives customers great great service that is called the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It provides customers with a tranquil escape with serenity and peace of mind that consist of contemporary designs and breathtaking views. They also offer an array of therapies, 7 private couple's suites, and a yoga studio. We certainly have to mention the 4 Seasons Hotel, which is located on the Las Vegas strip and it is a non-gaming hotel that provides direct access to Mandalay Bay Resort and all of the Las Vegas entertainment. It has a beautiful landscaping with a private pool. The rooms are filled with glamor inspired by the Art Deco era. If you are looking for the height of luxury another 5 star hotel that you would really enjoy is the Wynn. This place is well known for its world class dining, tranquil spas, dazzling night life, and a provocative water show called LeReve, which means The Dream. Last but not least we have the Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino, which is a luxurious resort that's connected to its sister property The Venetian by walks and waterway. From this hotel it takes 3 miles to get to downtown and 4 miles to get to the McCarran airport. It offers hotel guest a spacious multi-level spa, more than 50 high end international boutiques, a rooftop deck with pools and private cabanas, and several options of fine-dining experience.

Any one of these 5 star hotels in Las Vegas would be a great place to enjoy a luxurious experience and celebrity treatment. It is there duty to help you have the best time possible on your vacation and make sure that you are completely satisfied and willing to come back the following year.